Logique Analogique

analog logic functions for sequencing.
binary sound synthesis.
now available on your iPad!

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Logique Analogique iPad App usage instructions

The Logique Analogique sequencer consists of an 8-bit binary counter and four tracks which generate pulse waves when a user-defined majority function depending on the counter bits is true. Switches which select the counter bits (or their logic inverse) and a threshold voltage define the majority function. The output is calculated as the XOR function of the four tracks' signals, which produces a ring modulation like effect.

Running the Logique Analogique app in landscape mode shows the original circuit.

In portrait mode, the app shows the (interactive) schematic and an arranger. The arranger represents a configuration of the Logique Analogique circuit using black and grey rectangles for the switch positions and colored bars for the tracks' frequencies (fully saturated colors correspond to semitones on a well-tempered scale tuned to A=440Hz).

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